The Truth about Seeing Spirited Sparkles

Yes i finally found something to describe my experiences O:-)

The Go Between: Psychics, Mediums and Integrity by Melissa Leath

UPDATE: My book Does Your Child See Sparkles? Help for Parents Guiding Psychic Kids is now here.

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I’ve had several people reach out and ask me about seeing sparkles, especially young teens or mothers of smaller children.

Usually, the child starts seeing sparkles at the age of three or four, and over several years, gradually starts to see them more often. So by the time they are around the age of eleven, it is very common to them.  The younger children view the experience as normal, and may not say anything special about it, thinking that everyone sees them. Older children, can be ridiculed, accused of making up the whole thing, and shy away from sharing the experiences. Then I have known about some children that run and jump to try…

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The New Normal Dealing with Loss

I had never felt a sense of loss till someone robbed us point blank. Why didn’t he shoot himself after he shot her ? Is he going to come after us next? Is he scheming up a plan to do anything more? What really happened in Vegas? Where you really planning a trip for both of you or were you going to do both of you? I will forever ask these questions. I wish i could see you and tell you how i feel to give me closure for i miss your kids so much. Words can’t express the pain and hurt we feel each day since you shot her she was only 24. Why didn’t you just take your life? Murder premeditated i hate your actions. Why why her? I miss you so much.

Why do we go through such experiences life is about choices. Make choices you had a choice but you chose that route. March 20 March 30 two put to rest on april 20th a double funeral in a church a brother who couldn’t live with out his sister opened for closure, blue coffin, in a pink rose coffin next to him a closes coffin lays his sister murdered by a fatal lover. Kids ages 1,2,5, 6 all wanting to see their mommy but couldnt. We mourn continuously. Let time have time and let him live forever.



Murder Suicide How we are moving foward

Its been about 3 months
Life is looking better
Each day is getting easier
The new normal is taking course
Not sure of where to begin or
How to continue with out you both
But time will heal they say
Im not sure if thats true
In away im glad ww did make our moments count
But now we are all left with memorial moments its not the same
Dirt mounds laying leis writing cards and driving away is not easy
Moments i cry no time to mourn
Life goes on still for us left behind
My life is unreal till now
I hope i can be come real
Not fake
Nor forsake
I love you both dearly
Until i let it out again
My friend life is forever
In the then the now
And will be
Souls never die